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Maastech Import & Export is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates.

The company is backed by experienced& far-sighted individuals who are enthusiastic about consumer products. Management is committed to providing the best quality of goods – by way of importing into UAE or to the desired port. At the same time, we are also exporting goods from UAE to different countries across the world – such as United Kingdom, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & African countries – such as Rwanda, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa &Tanzania.

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“ During our connect with Masstech, we were shown promising new ways to market our business.

Dr Maria Khan


“ We have a great business relationship with Masstech.

Mrs S N Begum

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Abdul Jaleel Khan

Director International Operations

Mrs S N Begum

Director - Finance & Human Resources

Dr Maria Khan

Director – Product Quality & Compliance

Dr Asiya Khan

Director – Marketing & Branding

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