Besides the consumer products, we are continually active in the Energy Sector – Oil & Gas:

We source some of the major petrochemicals—including ethylene, propylene, acetylene, benzene, and toluene, as well as natural gas constituents like methane, propane, and ethane—are the feedstock chemicals to produce many of the items we use and depend on every day.

1. Asphalt :

Bitumen is an immensely viscous constituent of petroleum. Depending on its exact composition it can be a sticky, black liquid or asolid mass that behaves as a liquid over exceptionally considerable time scales. In the U.S., the material is commonly referred to as asphalt.

2. EN 590 :

EN 590 is the current standard for all automotive diesel fuel sold in the European Union member states and other European countries. This grade of fuel is also called ultra-low Sulphur diesel (ULSD).

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